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For the good operation of DCSystem and the needs of commercial applications, the DCSystem main online is based on the Ethereum release Data Collection System Coin/DCS with a total issue of 1 billion.

DCS is used as a valuable and tradable interactive medium in the DCSystem ecosystem. It will be used as a digital asset for applications in DCSystem. Users can exchange DCS to replace DCSystem storage space, content review and application through DCS. A series of interactive behaviors performed by applications such as development.

We designed the first application scenario for DCS as a universal token redemption method for all application services. As a medium for users to redeem shared computer resources to ensure the user's rights and provide computing resources equivalent. Due to the limited distribution of DCS daily distribution, distribution through the community reward mechanism, with the passage of time, along with the increase in the user's accumulation and the difficulty of obtaining rewards, the sales of the Sancha series hardware are increasing, and the more people participating in the award.


Data Collection Token/DCT。 To ensure the availability of running applications and the stability of application prices in the DCSystem ecosystem, we will issue a transferable, equivalent, interchangeable, ecological “general token” based on DCSystem.

Throughout the redemption process, peer-to-peer and end-to-end transaction data security is ensured through the use of DCSystem's encryption technology, distributed ledger technology, trusted cloud technology, and chip technology.

Applications scenario

Cloud storage service

Redeem the cloud storage space required for DCT replacement based on your actual storage size, time, and number of backups

Shared cloud computing service

Redeem DCT to replace secure, stable cloud computing services. Provides a large-scale distributed underlying architecture, de-mediated and proprietary cloud encryption technology for users cloud service

Shared CDN service

Redeem DCT to replace low-cost, high-performance, scalable Internet content distribution services based on high-quality network infrastructure and cloud computing technology shared entertainment sharing service

technology shared entertainment sharing service

Users can redeem DCT on the entertainment sharing platform by means of DCS obtained or participate in official events to enjoy the unique content published by other users. Divided by the Internet content distribution era

Application of the displacement

Application replacement after the DCSystem ecosystem platform is established, DCT can be used to replace the function redemption of the application scenarios in the platform, so as to enjoy the services provided by the platform for users.

Release mechanism Issue

A total of 1 billion issued, as a pass for accounting, storage, and copyright transactions on the cloud-chain platform.

One block is generated every minute, and each block produces 1000 passes.

After every 1,000,000 blocks, that is, after approximately 1.9 years, the mining revenue is halved.

100 million pre-digging platforms, 20% of which are supported by project developer development funds, 20% The reward for the main node, 60% as a community ecological construction fund.

Repurchase & Destruction Mechanism

Discount deductible DCS services fees:Users who participate in the transaction on DCSystem, regardless of the token of the transaction, when the transaction fee is required to be paid, such as holding the full amount of DCS currency, the system will discount the fee for the payment (specific The discount rate is shown in the table below), and the equivalent DCS currency is calculated according to the current market value, and the DCS currency is used to complete the payment of the handling fee.

Repurchase mechanism:We will use the 20% of the net profit of the currency platform in each quarter to repurchase DCS coins after the DCS is online. The repurchased DCS coins will be directly destroyed, and the repurchase records will be announced as soon as possible. Query through the blockchain browser to ensure transparency and transparency until it is destroyed to a total of 100 million DCS coins.

Decentralized trading "fuel":In the future, DCS coins will also be the fuel for DCSystem's decentralized chain trading platform. DCS coins are required when using the DCSystem decentralized trading platform.

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